RHA Exec Cabinet (2011)

RHA Executive Cabinet

Office Hours & Contact Information

Holly Dysserinck – RHA President


Hometown: Maple Ridge, BC

Faculty: Arts

Program: French

Year: 3

Three words to describe me would be crown, sash, and sparkly (toms). Since living in Place Vanier in my first year, I have been hooked on residence life. I served as a house president for Okanagan house last year and that gave me a taste of what it meant to be involved in the wonderful world of UBC housing. The experience helped my passion grow and here I am ready to do my best to enhance the lives of students living in residence!

Lawrence Lam – National Communications Coordinator/Treasurer


Hometown: Abbotsford, BC

Faculty: Applied Science

Program: Materials Engineering, Commerce Minor

Year: 2 (4th at UBC)

Hey friends!
My journey through residence began back in first year as a resident in Mackenzie House. I had an unforgettable year in Place Vanier and was inspired to help bring a similar experience to other UBC students. I spent the next two years as an RA in Robson House and in Mawdsley House with brief summer stints at the PRC and in Marine Drive Building 1. I live for all things residence related and am super excited to be a part of the RHA this year. Other things I love: sushi (of the all-you-can-eat variety), swimming, the Canucks, How I Met Your Mother, ultimate frisbee and horrible “That’s what she said” jokes

Krystal Hakkaart – RHA Vice President Internal



Hometown: Vernon, BC

Faculty: Science

Program: Biology

Year: 2

Out of all the places in the world I’ve lived, I can definitely say that I call Rez at UBC home. After living in Totem my first year I knew I definitely had to get back there! I continued on to being Haida House President and now VP Internal! I love hot chocolate, running, wreck beach (but not the stairs), chai tea lattes, volleyball, dancing, partying, and most of all having the time of my life at UBC!

RHA Executive Board

Eric Bing – FCRA President


Hometown: Pitt Meadows, BC

Faculty: Science

Program: Statistics, Economics Minor

Year: 3

Hey everyone!
I lived in Pitt Meadows my whole life before coming to UBC, where I lived in Totem Park in my 1st year.  For 2nd year I returned there to be the Treasurer of the TPRA, before jumping over to Fairview, which I’m really stoked about!  My favourite thing about residence is the opportunity to meet tons of fun and unique people, of all different backgrounds.  If you see me around feel free to come introduce yourself!  I’m really looking forward to throwing some sweet events in Fairview this year, so get ready for an awesome year!

Amanda Giesler – GRA President


Hometown: Castlegar, BC

Faculty: Science

Program: Biology & Chemistry

Year: 4

Hey everyone! As the Gage Residence Association President, Id like to welcome all new students to UBC as well as returning peers for the 2011-2012 academic year. We all know how important education is to our futures but Im hoping to encourage residents to really take advantage of all the other opportunities that go hand in hand with the education experience. Go to events, meet new people and stay connected. These are the best years of your life! I look forward to meeting the Gage Residents this year and even members of other buildings. Dont be afraid to come introduce yourself to me sometime this year- I love hockey, Dance, Africa, Science, and Medical School convos if you need a convo starter! See you soon!

Jessie Zheng – MDRA President


Hometown: Kunming, China

Faculty: Commerce (Sauder)

Program: Undecided

Year: 3

I was born in China, and lived there until when I was 13. Since then, I’ve lived in Toronto, Calgary, and now Vancouver. So far, Vancouver is definitely my favorite city in Canada. I love the beautiful scenery and the west-coast atmosphere. This upcoming year will be my second year living in Marine, and I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed living there last year. Everything is brand new, and the view is just breathtaking. I am so excited to work with all my council members and the lovely lovely RAs to bring more events and interaction to Marine and its residents. Stay on the lookout, it’s gonna be an amazing year =)

Brandon Parker – PVRA President


Hometown: Shawnigan Lake, BC

Faculty: Arts

Program: Classical Studies

Year: 2

Brandon Parker is a fun loving, up-beat guy who dedicates his time to professional socializing. He spent his childhood in the back country of British Columbia on Shawnigan Lake with his parents and older brother. Fending for his life in a 4 year jaunt through boarding school he has seen it all. But Place Vanier was a whole new ball park, and after many late night escapades, tropical show tunes and far too many games of ultimate frisbee, he has emerged triumphant and ready to give back to the world that is Place Vanier.

Margarita Iturriaga – TRA President


Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Faculty: Arts

Program: Political Science,
Minor in International Relations

Year: 4

Hello everyone! First and foremost I would like to welcome all the new and returning Thunderbird residents! I want you to know that I am extremely happy to be the TRA President because Thunderbird is one of the coolest and most diverse residences at UBC to get involved in. I love the diversity of our residence community as well as the positive energy that thrives in it. Living in T-bird (how I like to call it), has taught me many valuable things; one of them is the importance of belonging to a strong and connected community where people share and connect with each other. Therefore, my vision for T-bird as your President is to create connections among our residents through our amazing events, advocate for issues pertaining the residence, and make of your time at UBC one of the most memorable times of your life! University is an experience that allows us to grow academically and personally. A great way to grow personally and develop some of the single transferable skills, which we won’t learn in the classroom, is by getting involved in student-run organizations like our Council. Being part of TRA’s Council is an excellent opportunity to work in your leadership skills. My goal is to provide opportunities for residents to get involved in and become strong leaders. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to join our Council and make of your time at UBC the best time of your life! Enjoy every moment and remember that your TRA Council is always here to support you! Good luck in your journey!

Joaquin Acevedo – TPRA President


Hometown: North America

Faculty: Science

Program: Cognitive Systems: Cognition and Brain

Year: 2

Music, hiking, photography and running are some of my favorite pastimes, but dancing surpasses them all. I love residence because I met awesome people and dance parties happen often. Living in TPark was absolutely fantastic and I’m so excited to live here for another amazing year! I look forward to meeting you and feel free to strike up a convo any time. Welcome to Totem Park!

Ex-Officio Members

Sam Yellin – NRHH President


Hometown: Dundas, ON

Faculty: Science

Program: Biology (Cell Biology & Genetics)

Year: 5

Hey everyone! Welcome (back) to residence! I can’t wait to start recognizing all the amazing things that are going to happen this year in all the residences at UBC. As for me, I’ve lived in Mackenzie House for two years (including one year as the Mack House President), then was an RA for two years in Tec and Tweeds and now I’m back for round five of Place Vanier as the RC for KU. When I’m not busy recognizing all the amazing things other people are doing, I like to play piano, Ultimate Frisbee and explore all the great things that Vancouver has to offer. I hope to see lots of you throughout the year and if something great is happening in your residence, I want to hear about it!

Kate Ferguson – RHA Advisor



Hometown: Bowen Island, BC

Faculty: Applied Science

Program: Engineering Physics

Year: 4

My favourite things at UBC are living in residence, volunteering for the RHA, taking part in PACURH and NACURH activities, playing soccer, and pursuing a challenging engieering physics degree! I’m super excited to meet all the 2011-2012 council members and I know it’s going to be an awesome year!! I’ve lived in each Totem Park, Fairview, and Marine Drive. My previous council positions prior to this year include TPRA Salish House President and RHA VP Internal. I love RHA!!