Place Vanier Residence Association (PVRA 2015)

President – Rita Wang

Rita is a second year geological engineering student. She loved her first year in Vanier so immensely that she’s back for more! When she’s not identifying rocks and minerals or hanging around in Vanier, she enjoys exploring the forest, board games, and live music. She looks forward to a fabulous year in Vanier with the PVRA family.

Vice President – Simran Brar

Simran Brar is the PVRA Vice President and is a second year student in the Faculty of Science.  She loved living in Place Vanier last year so she came back this year, to work with the PVRA team to make Vanier more fabulous. When she is not working on biology, she loves being involved so you can see her with organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega and the Science Undergraduate Society, going on hikes around Vancouver (the Chief is her favourite), politics and socializing.

Treasurer – Sarah Lee

Hi! My name is Sarah Lee, and I am this year’s PVRA treasurer. I am a second year student at Sauder School of Business, and am looking into my options for what I want to major in. My hobbies include eating, relaxing, Netflix  (I love Arrested Development) and traveling. (My favourite place is Paris!) Originally I am from Toronto, but I plan on living in Europe in the long term.

Mackenzie president – Sam Chow

Sam Chow is the Mac Daddy (Mackenzie House President) this year in Vanier. He is a 2nd year undergraduate computer science student, with a background in sound mixing for theaters, and photography. He is from Portland, Oregon, and loves taking long walks in the Gorge, Basement Mackenzie, and his dog.

Ross president – Simran Samra

Hi my name is Simran Samra and I’m the Ross president in Place Vanier! I’m a second year student in Biochemistry and I love UBC and being involved. I’m a big foodie – love trying new things and tasting new things from different cultures. I’m also a big sci-fi and space fanatic. I’m very determined to travel to space one day. I also love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and birds. Love my birds. Birds hold a special place in my heart…

Hamber president – Adam Vuong

I’m Adam, the Hamber house president! I enjoy eating (very much), listening to music, and meeting new people. As a 2nd year Chemistry major, I gotta say Organic Chemistry is my favourite part. From this, try guessing what my favourite kind of tree is.. that’s right, a chemistree! Ha, made you laugh. Sometimes I tell that joke but there is no reaction. Kind of like when I told the guy who got cooled to absolute zero (don’t worry, he’s 0K now). Obviously I have too many friends. Just kidding, I cry every now and then because all of my friends Argon. Here’s to a great year in Vanier and the other residence areas!

Mawdsley president – Arbee Gancena

My name is Arsebel Gancena, but everyone calls me Arbee. I am a House President in Place Vanier Residence Association (PVRA). I am the House President of Mawdsley. I am a second year Arts student in the Media Studies program. Toronto, Ontario, is my hometown, but I’m slowly starting to call Vancouver home. I love travelling, hiking, running, and exploring the outdoors. On my spare time I like to draw and paint. If I’m not at home, you will most likely find me on a field throwing a Frisbee (I love me some Ultimate), or hanging out at a café, enjoying a cup of coffee. Two things I can’t live without are coffee and Beyoncé. Coffee runs through my veins, I simply can’t live without it. Beyoncé is my Queen, feel free to call me Arbeyoncé.

KU president – Claudia Luca

My name is Claudia, and I am the president of KU

Having lived there prior, this is obviously my year two

‘Cause of this, Place Vanier is all I’ve known

Though I don’t mind exploring, it will always be my home

Coming from Ontario, I’m now a part of LFS

Though it’s a small faculty, it’s surely the best 

Clearly I’m attached, for UBC is marvelous

I wouldn’t want to leave, but the tuition is murderous

The moral of this story is that I am just but one

Of the thousand other people who make this Uni run

I’m glad to be a part, of something bigger than just me

Working with these people, has got me livin’ the dream

We are students who do more, than just study day and night

PVRA is a team of people, who don’t quit at the fight

Tec president – Tyson Burrows

Hey loves, the name’s Tyson – house prez of Tec de Monterrey. Last year I was a floor representative for the Korea-UBC house in Place Vanier. Ran in the PVRA elections, printed off some House of Cards inspired posters, and (here I am) finding myself president of one of the best first-year residence houses in UBC. I’m a second year, on the road to journalism, intending to major in Political Science (with a minor in Creative Writing). I’m interested in about three things (academically): politics, art history, and religion. I like to read. I like to bake. I like to knit. And I’m looking forward to working with the RHA, the PVRA, and the Tec de Monterrey House Council.

Robson president – Alex Trithart

Hello friends! I’m Alex, the house president of Robson.  I’m from Calgary, and I’m in second year arts.  My biggest passion is music, to which I love to write, perform and promote.  I’m also interested in photography and graphic design!  I absolutely adore Vanier, considering how close it is to all my classes, as well as to Wreck Beach.  I also love it because of how wonderful the residents and staff are; it’s truly an amazing community.

Okanagan president – Carissa Kirk

I’m Carissa Kirk and I’m the president of Okanagan House in Place Vanier! I’m second year arts but my education plans are not quite decided yet. I’m from Alberta and I must say I enjoy the rather snowless winters of Vancouver. 

I consider myself the Martha Stewart of PVRA- meaning I love crafts (not that I was convicted for insider trading.) Besides this I am also passionate about eating pie and staying fit.

Cariboo president – Neil Saini

So my name’s Neilinder – that means king of the sea for those of you who don’t already know. I like sick beats. I make sick beats. If you like sick beats be my friend please. 

Straight outta the suburbs. I love Calgary’s party scene (obviously better than Vancouver). I love the stampede because I get to wear my plaid shirts and ripped light Jean short-shorts, and top it off with a cowboy hat! Yee-haw! 

My favourite season is Fall because I get to wear scarves with my oversized sweaters (obviously with my lined hunters). My favourite day is September 8 because that’s when Starbs releases the PSL’s  Oh yeah and give me a follow on Instagram @ neilindersaini #nofilter. 

PS. I’m the president of Cariboo – started at the basement now I’m here (floor 3).

Tweedsmuir president – Nika Moeini

Nika is the Tweedsmuir House President. As a second year arts student in International Relations with a minor in Commerce, she hopes to enter work in diplomacy, international development research, or management consulting. Outside of residence, she loves to keep busy by being involved working with AMS Sustainability and spending time with her sorority Alpha Phi. She loves spoken word poetry, colouring with oil pastels, and playing her ukulele.

Kootenay president – Shania Rattan

My name is Shania Rattan and I am the House President of Kootenay. I am the PVRA ice and trap queen. I bring a plethora of killer dance moves, wit and sass to and on the table. If you need something done, come and find me because either I will get it done or find someone who can. PVRA is bae.

Sherwood Lett president – Alanna Toth

Hey! I’m Alanna Toth, house president of Sherwood Lett in Place Vanier! I’m a second year student studying Kinesiology. I love playing volleyball & softball, and going to the beach. My favourite foods are sushi & dark chocolate!

KU Vice President: Andrei Garilov

My name is Andrei Gavrilov and I am thrilled to be your KU House Vice-President! I have over 7 years of Student Council Leadership and Executive Position Involvement, ranging from House Captain to Grade-Representative to Vice-President of Events. Besides my academic endeavours, I am a very passionate about tennis as I have played for thirteen years, and coached for five. I am a very active individual and will always put forth my full effort when it comes to organizing awesome, totally-worth-it events. It will be my commitment to help create fun and entertaining social events, group gatherings, dances, and get-togethers in general for you. I will look for suggestion, take initiative, and in result create unforgettable memories within this house. I cannot wait to see what the year ahead holds for us, and be part of the team that makes those unforgettable memories happen.

Yours Truly, Andrei Gavrilov – Korea-UBC Vice-President

TEC Vice President: Abdullah Khair

My name is Abdullah Khair and I am the Vice President of the Tec De Monterrey house in Place Vanier for 2015/16. I am absolutely thrilled to hold this position as I feel like I can largely contribute to the house council and in the same time, gain plenty of valuable knowledge and skill from this unique opportunity. I enjoy a lot of sports, and while I have barely any idea about Hockey and Football as an international student, I am very enthusiastic about tennis and racket sports in general. It is my first time in Canada and I am here all the way from Jordan in the Middle East with hope to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, a program that I am very passionate about. I hope to see you all soon and I look forward to represent all the voices of my house!

Sustainability Representative – Crystal Wong

Hi Vanier! I’m Crystal and I’m your new sustainability rep this year!  I’m currently a International Economics major (though sustainability is an important part of economic development). Raised in Hong Kong, I have come to love and appreciate the beauty of the west coast and the many outdoor activities it offers.  I’m a huge foodie and Netflix-er so chances are, your favourite TV show is mine too! Nevertheless, I spend a lot of time outdoors as well! I’m super excited to bring some nature love into Vanier through increasing environmental awareness and sustainability and can’t wait to collaborate with you all to do that!

Sustainability Representative – Janani Rangarajan

Hi, I’m Janani, and I’m one of Vanier’s 2 sustainability reps! I came up to Beautiful British Columbia from San Francisco, California, and I’m loving the natural environment here! I’m a first-year Arts student, hoping to major in International Relations. I love travelling and meeting people from different places. 90s TV is my guilty pleasure, and I swear I can recite every line from “Friends”. I’m really passionate about living sustainably and learning more about the ecosystem. Making a difference in the Vanier community is the first step to impacting the world, so let’s do it