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The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary residents who value recognition and service. The NRHH is a branch of the largest student-run non-profit organization in the world, NACURH. For a full history of the broader organization, including the symbolism of NRHH and NACURH logos, please visit the NACURH NRHH website.

The UBC Thunderbird Chapter of the NRHH continually strives to recognize UBC’s residence leaders through monthly awards on a regional and national level as well as seeking new ways to serve our residents, campus, and community. The UBC Thunderbird Chapter of the NRHH welcomes all students living in UBC residence to apply for membership with this unique organization.

In 2015, the broader NRHH organization refocused its mission in establishing the core values of service and recognition. As a result, the Thunderbird Chapter has placed more emphasis on fulfilling the value of service in recent history, working on initiatives including residence-wide food drives and group volunteering opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the UBC Chapter, and/or have any questions at all, please contact an executive at

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