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The RHA will be hosting their own teach-ins on November 18, 19, and 20 in Totem, Gage and Vanier respectively. These will be an opportunity to get more information, ask any questions you may have, and find ways to get engaged. Visit the facebook event for more information:

RHA Official Teach-Ins


The AMS has been doing a multitude of things in response to the fee increases, both for tuition and housing. Check out their website for a number of different resources, including:

General Info and Updates
Facts and Background Info
What the AMS has been doing
Links to Presentations and Documents

UBC News Sources:

Student run news outlets have been reporting on these fee increases since they were made public, and a number of articles can be found addressing the issues through these sources.

UBC Official Consultation:

In addition to all of the resources made available by external sources, UBC has made their presentations and information available online, as well as feedback forms through which students can voice their opinions.

Student Housing Information
Student Housing Consultation
International Tuition Information & Consultation


We encourage everyone to spend the time to get informed, know the issues, and keep the University accountable for the decisions they are making!