RHA VP Outreach and Leadership Candidates 2017-18


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At this link, you can view Raghav’s resume.


As VP: Outreach and Leadership, my primary focus would be strengthen the communication channels between RHA and Area Councils. In my capacity, I would extend RHA’s existence beyond a support organization to various area councils by being more involved with different area councils at a more personal level. I would build up on the amazing work done by Priyanka, the current VP: Outreach and Leadership and redirect the approach towards the “Highlight of the Week(HOTW)” component of my role. In the role of Vice President of the GRA, I admit that I have submitted few HOTW but I believe there needs to be a change in the incentive structure to keep area VP’s  motivated.

Another thing I would prioritize is evolving the brand of RHA. Even though the current website is under renovation, most people outside rezlife and area councils don’t really know about the existence of RHA. As RHA represents all residents living on campus, I see no reason why the RHA should limit itself to an umbrella organization and not be more involved with happenings on campus directly. I would use my background in UX design and graphic design to put this goal to action and use this skill-set towards my administrative duties pertaining to the RHA website and social media.

In my current role, I have had the opportunity to learn about the advocacy component of RHA and although I do not possess a holistic understanding of the extent to which RHA can lobby for residents on campus, I can assure that I would use my current skills and experience to expand my knowledge and understanding of residence issues on campus.

Having lived in two different residences for 2 years now, I understand the need for creating and facilitating meaning communities. I believe my leadership style is quite different as I prefer being more realistic and approaching problems and situations as a means to an end rather than a continuous process.

I believe each residence area offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities and approaching them from an engagement oriented educational framework would help RHA to accelerate in it’s mission. What I mean by that is creating tools and instruments for residents to make their voice heard to their area councils. Serving on the GRA, an important lesson I have learnt is that the top-down approach generally doesn’t work as well as we expect it to. Instead of having the RA’s and Area Councils completely responsible for engaging the community, the residents themselves should feel motivated to come forward and participate.

Last but not the least, if elected, I would encourage and work closely with each area council to start a ‘resident of the month’ series as I strongly believe that the residences are best represented not by the area councils but by the people who live there.


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At this link, you can view Reva’s resume.


I am running for both, VPAF and VPOL. While my specific role will be different in each, I plan to work towards improving outreach within the organization and building on the current executives’ work to emphasize advocacy. Together, I hope for this to encourage more members lower in the organization to take on advocacy initiatives. I will execute the goals via a three-point plan: direct/activity-based, educating area execs, and professional development programming.

As an RHA executive, I will be co-facilitating the organization, and thus will be able to take initiatives that aid in members’ professional development. As a peer-run volunteer organization, initiative and internal motivation is key to RHA members’ success. Having a good understanding of RHA’s structure, reach and involvement opportunities will mean members better understand the scope of their work. This is important as it will encourage goal setting, make newer members feel more connected, and better prepare them to take on initiatives. On the personal interaction/activity-based front, I include a short trivia-based activity during RHA training – to promote retention. Socials also aid in this process by allowing members to interact with other councils and RHA execs. Onto the second step. As VPAF or VPOL, I will be meeting with and mentoring area treasurers or vice-presidents. Sharing the importance of helping members feel connected to the organization at large, regularly providing RHA updates, and encouraging them to share these with their councils will lead to a more connected organization. Thirdly, professional development opportunities and information sessions will be powerful platforms for not only personal interaction, but also encouraging goal-setting. RHA currently hosts 3 such opportunities – RHA training, RHA U and PACURH spirit week. As VPAF I will be involved with planning the first 2. As VPOL, I will also be involved with PACURH spirit week, which I helped co-organize this year.

My second goal, making advocacy more accessible to members throughout the organization, goes hand-in-hand with the first, as does its execution. Under the first (activity-based) step, I plan to introduce a short advocacy activity, similar to the sexual assault workshop activity carried out this year. This will help members become more familiar with what to expect at various stages of advocating, so that they are not intimidated in an actual situation. Discussing advocacy with area execs will further this. The format for sharing this will most likely be informal; during one-on-ones or during the position-specific RHA training segment. The third step involve hosting workshops on the possible methods and steps involved in advocacy, during RHA training (and other programming initiatives, if the format permits).

I feel that making advocacy accessible at all levels of RHA will support members’ professional development and us apart from other student leader groups within residence, in terms of what we offer to our residents.


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At this link, you can view Sarah’s resume.


With 2+ years of experience connecting my local Chapter to International through not only through international rules and bylaws, but also academic, leadership and philanthropic opportunities. I acted as a liaison and wrote bids for awards for our Chapter and won 2 awards at our National awards ceremony. Building a connection and acting as the liaison between local to international and communicating and celebrating accomplishments from both sides is crucial to making even organizations comprised of thousands of students and be able to connect with anyone and share feelings of excitement and pride, while building campus spirit. I am highly organized, taking on 2 years of Financial Vice President, meeting highly strict deadlines set by International and ensuring over $150,000 is monitored in the safest, most organized manner as well as being transparent to all members, publicizing monthly updates. I look to take on longer projects and was a highly vocal and professional member on my executive team for 2 years and am comfortable public speaking.

Specifically, as NCC I pledge to;

– Share relevant and important information not only to the RHA executives, but to local councils via meetings and social media posts and remind in advance of opportunities coming up. This includes but is not limited to encouraging to submit many more pin nominations, NRHH and UBC/PACUHR/NACUHR nominations, as well as taking the lead on writing many myself.

  • Sharing experiences at conferences to encourage retention in the RHA.
  • Select delegates in the most equitable fashion.

VP Outreach & Leadership

I would love to see more content posted on RHA social medias, especially Facebook, so that not only residence councils, but anyone interested can see how much we accomplish in a year (let alone month). I will come up with a social media strategy, post all pin nomination winners, highlights of councils, events taken place in all residences and have back-up post content for weeks with less or no content, so we maintain constant viewership. I would love to assist in making videos, including a highly video of many/all events and conferences for the RHA Banquet as a surprise to residence leaders.

  • Having many successes in the PCRA Council this year, I would like to move to a larger, more assistive role to other leaders on campus. I would like to engage upper year residences to collaborate, and encourage more wellbeing events (specifically mental health and physical health) and use my connections with clubs on campus to enhance resources. I am comfortable in leadership and advisory roles, as I managed many teams of varying sizes (3-25) during my leadership roles in my sorority and an diligent in follow-ups.


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At this link, you can view Simran’s resume.


Hi RHA! My name is Simran Brar and I am running to serve on RHA as National Communications Coordinator or as VP Outreach and Leadership.

The passion I developed for RHA as a floor representative for Kootenay House lead to my continued involvement in RHA for the past three years, having served as the Vice President for Place Vanier Residence Association and Orchard Commons Residence Association. I have gained a breadth of experience through successes and failures within this organization such as learned how to :

Effectively Communicate:

– Within my team, to house councils and to residents whether it be for social media purposes, engagement and conducting elections, or supporting advocacy efforts

Event Management:

–  Helped with the organization and logistics of PACURH Spirit Week, a week long event with social media and events to push for better council spirit and bring back some of the workshops and ideas learned from residents

– Planning training for house councils, hiring for area councils and running elections

I want to bring that experience to serve as an RHA Executive. If elected as VP Outreach & Leadership, I will:

– Work towards fostering a stronger connections within RHA. There is a disconnect between floor representatives and the executives of RHA. I want to take a proactive approach on reaching out to students and get them involved in RHA by using social media, in person meeting and supporting residents area councils

–  Encourage advocacy: I think it is our prerogative as representatives of students living in residence to works towards addressing their concerns and working actively to assist our area councils with concerns related to residents and how we can better support them

–  Build better RHA community within area councils by planning programming socials that reach out to all area council members and those who may not directly know RHA exec, and pushing for better quality

– Empower others through such highlight of the week, programming and using social media as an effective outreach tool to do so to spread some of the work area councils have been doing; in addition, using workshops and programming opportunities to connect with RHA

– Supporting Vice Presidents with their meeting minutes by providing them with formatting tips, templates and giving them consistent feedback and pushing to have being more accessible to them earlier on

If elected for NCC, I will:

– Revise some key aspects of UBC PACURH & NACURH Conference delegation, pushing for earlier timeline to assist with delegation of pre-conference work

– Continue to build off the work of the current NCC, to make the programs and the delegations reviews of them, more easily accessible to RHA by creating a google drive or dropbox

– To take an active role by sitting on PACURH and NACURH committees, to assist on RHA work on a national level and being outspoken

– Coordinate and take lead on bid preparation and work with the NRHH president to do so

Thank you for your kind consideration! If (word limit reached).


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At this link, you can view Simran’s resume.



  • To help increase communication between PACURH, NACURH and UBC RHA
  • To increase effectiveness when communicating with PACURH and NACURH
  • To build greater connections with UBC and PACURH and NACURH, respectfully.
  • To ensure a fair and equal selection (including spot divisions in terms of area councils) when selecting delegates for PACURH, NACURH and No Frills Conference
  • To build greater connections with NRHH

VP Outreach and Leadership

  • To increase awareness about the role of RHA in UBC Housing & Food Services
  • To increase awareness about RHA on Social Media
  • To help better facilitate communication between Area Presidents and RHA
  • To assist councils when they are advocating on behalf of residents à To advocate for UBC Residents in order to ensure that their voices, concerns and needs are heard.
  • To assist councils in organizing inter council events
  • To encourage UBC RHA Pride between councils and residents by organizing cross-over events / competitions.
  • To organize inter-council social events so that councils can meet other councils and build bonds of friendship.
  • To provide more opportunities for UBC Residents to socialize and interact in a safe, welcoming environment.
  • To use social media as a platform to ensure transparency between councils.
  • To advocate for the growing concerns that students have regarding UBC Food Services (including food prices, limited variety, dietary restrictions, administrative costs, etc.
  • Transparency: Ensure that RHA will operate in a way that is accessible and transparent to residents and students (Ex. Release meeting minutes, etc.)