RHA VP Admin & Finance 2017-18


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* I am running for this position because I want to ensure that UBC SHHS residents gain the most out of their residence experience. Having lived in Totem Park last year and Walter Gage this year, my main objective as VP Admin & Finance will be to unlock the potential of residences to achieve a strong sense of community and promote healthy lifestyles. I believe the best way to achieve this goal is to host events with prudent financial planning and high impact.

* Most specifically, my focus will be to invest in fitness space in residences. As UBC has a severe shortage of fitness space per student (as much as 8 times less than peer universities such as UVic and SFU), Residences should take initiative to promote healthy lifestyles for their students. I have strong connections in the fitness equipment industry and could leverage my network to obtain wholesale pricing on quality, affordable commercial fitness equipment.

* The combination of my work experience, along with my achievement in campus involvement, prepares me for the rigorous, technical duties of the VP Finance/Admin:

  • I served on the Totem Park Resident’s Association as a Sports Representative, a role in which I planned and budgeted a soccer event called “Soccer for Syria” and raised nearly $500 for charity on a budget of $50. I also was involved in my high school’s Grad Council and helped manage a budget of over $2000.
  • Last summer, I worked as a Corporate Development intern with Rocky Mountaineer, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies as voted by Deloitte. In this role, I collaborated with the Finance and Analytics teams to implement a predictive revenue model for the business and developed an advanced skillset with Excel.
  • This upcoming summer, I will be working as a Financing Intern at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This experience will further advance my skillset with financial analysis, cash flow and budgeting.

* My goals for the position of VP, Finance and Admin are as follows:

  • Implement widespread cost savings in the budget in order to give residents good value for their fee contributions.
  • Make investments in RHA assets in order to provide quality events and services for residents today and in the future.
  • Consulting at the grassroots with residence associations to learn about their perspective on the most effective ways to promote a welcoming residence community.


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At this link, you can view Mohit’s resume.


My name is Mohit Kewalramani and I am a second-year Computer Science student at UBC. I am currently running as a candidate for RHA Executive Elections for the National Communications Coordinator and the Vice President: Administration and Finance position. I have always been an enthusiastic individual being involved in leadership on campus, and being on the RHA Executive Council will be a great step forward in my pursuit.

My first preferred position on the executive council is for the role of the National Communications Coordinator (NCC). The nature of this position is perhaps one that suits my interests the best, one of which involves being a representative and a voice for our University and its residence association. One example of this includes representation across the PACURH, NACURH, and No Frills conferences. Being someone who brings together our team from UBC to attend major learning and teaching experiences for students in North America will give me a massive learning opportunity as well as teach to others how we best support our students in Residence. Secondly, a key component here is to ensure that both our documentation and delegation is well organized. I have picked up these skills in various leadership positions such as being an Imagine Day Orientation Leader and being a volunteer for the Student Leadership Conference where my logistical and attentive skills came into play. Lastly, the position of the NCC will involve a high level of advocacy and communication between ourselves, institutions on campus, and conference attendees. I will employ a focused, consistent, and reflective approach with my team to bring about the best and most productive tenure I can offer.

My second position is that of the Vice President: Administration and Finance. This position is a step forward from my position as Executive Treasurer at TPRA. The skills I have developed at TPRA has been that of punctuality and better understanding myself as a leader. I have well understood the requirements and standards of our spreadsheet and paper bookkeeping, and will do my best to be a mentor to all Area Treasurers. Planning and preserving a council’s budget has been my greatest over the past year and I have developed the skills of understanding, forecasting, and providing council with my best accurate opinions. Currently I maintain close dialogue with my mentors and will ensure to be someone who communicates concerns and points to note during my meetings with my advisors and council meetings. Lastly, at TPRA I have also filled in to take meeting minute on a few occasions and will diligently do this as a required role if elected to the VPAF role.

I would like to finish by thanking the RHA for providing me with this incredible opportunity to take forward my leadership experience. Being a part of TPRA’s council has demonstrated to me my single biggest learning curve and I plan to apply forward the experiences I have learned here and at the same time work passionately with my colleagues at RHA.


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When it comes to the role of the Vice President of Administration and Finance in council, I have seen and worked with company finance administration, clients in design competition and treasurers in residence councils. From these figures, I have received leadership and support which I plan on demonstrating and channeling within different councils under RHA. In addition, one of my biggest priority would be demonstrating transparency and advocating for a more inclusive budget planning with SHHS and residence councils, where the concerns and demands are properly reflected in any financial plan.

In terms of my role, I would like to implement a system to plan for events in a more organized and systematic way in which we set goals and budget accordingly at the beginning of the term and try to achieve these goals through events held by different councils. For example, I would like to set goals such as supporting the health and well-being of residents and then keeping that goal in mind during the events run under different councils. This could be done by emphasizing fitness and relaxation in events, providing healthier options in terms of the free food and snack, and creating campaigns that provide easy tips on how to live healthier. Moreover, I plan to provide council treasurers greater access to me, in terms of communication and consultation with the RHA regarding budget planning and implementation.

I love working in council and being involved with resident, ensuring they enjoy their time in residence which is my main goal. And I believe ensuring a safer and happier community starts from creating a transparent and a more engaged system where everyone’s concerns are heard and accounted for.


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I am running for both, VPAF and VPOL. While my specific role will be different in each, I plan to work towards improving outreach within the organization and building on the current executives’ work to emphasize advocacy. Together, I hope for this to encourage more members lower in the organization to take on advocacy initiatives. I will execute the goals via a three-point plan: direct/activity-based, educating area execs, and professional development programming.

As an RHA executive, I will be co-facilitating the organization, and thus will be able to take initiatives that aid in members’ professional development. As a peer-run volunteer organization, initiative and internal motivation is key to RHA members’ success. Having a good understanding of RHA’s structure, reach and involvement opportunities will mean members better understand the scope of their work. This is important as it will encourage goal setting, make newer members feel more connected, and better prepare them to take on initiatives. On the personal interaction/activity-based front, I include a short trivia-based activity during RHA training – to promote retention. Socials also aid in this process by allowing members to interact with other councils and RHA execs. Onto the second step. As VPAF or VPOL, I will be meeting with and mentoring area treasurers or vice-presidents. Sharing the importance of helping members feel connected to the organization at large, regularly providing RHA updates, and encouraging them to share these with their councils will lead to a more connected organization. Thirdly, professional development opportunities and information sessions will be powerful platforms for not only personal interaction, but also encouraging goal-setting. RHA currently hosts 3 such opportunities – RHA training, RHA U and PACURH spirit week. As VPAF I will be involved with planning the first 2. As VPOL, I will also be involved with PACURH spirit week, which I helped co-organize this year.

My second goal, making advocacy more accessible to members throughout the organization, goes hand-in-hand with the first, as does its execution. Under the first (activity-based) step, I plan to introduce a short advocacy activity, similar to the sexual assault workshop activity carried out this year. This will help members become more familiar with what to expect at various stages of advocating, so that they are not intimidated in an actual situation. Discussing advocacy with area execs will further this. The format for sharing this will most likely be informal; during one-on-ones or during the position-specific RHA training segment. The third step involve hosting workshops on the possible methods and steps involved in advocacy, during RHA training (and other programming initiatives, if the format permits).

I feel that making advocacy accessible at all levels of RHA will support members’ professional development and us apart from other student leader groups within residence, in terms of what we offer to our residents.


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My name is Simran Samra and I have been involved with RHA for the past three years. The roles I have maintained are floor representative, house president and area president.

If my application is successful, my main goal would be to ensure that I adequately support the area council treasurers, in addition to creating and maintaining the RHA annual budget and books.

I will accomplish this goal by first meeting with the treasurers from each area, three times per term. During these check-ins I will examine the condition of their budget and ensure that it is up to date and is regularly being updated. This will prevent councils from overspending and having their checks bounce.

I will also create a joint google drive between all the treasurers and myself. In this drive I will upload the transition reports of the all the past treasurers. An incoming treasurer might find that their predecessor did not include certain details in their report. In this case, they can read the reports written by other treasurers and clear up this confusion.

In this drive I will also upload examples of the previous budgets from each area council. This way the incoming treasurer will have many examples of successful budgets, which can guide them when they are creating their own. In addition, having all these examples will allow the incoming treasurers to see how different councils aliquot their money and encourage them to change the budget used by predecessor, if they desire too.