RHA Presidential Candidates for 2017-18


(pictured on the little boulder)

At this link, you can view Yingying’s résumé.


During my presidency, there are four areas I would like to focus on: Learning, Collaboration, Awareness, and Advocacy.

Learning  – To create a space of learning, especially for those who aspire to be an RA.

Recently, I learned that many RHA members joined Council with the intention of gaining the skills they needed to apply, sometimes reapply, to be an RA. This brought my attention to the lack of conversations for individuals that hope to grow in this particular direction. I want RHA to be the space of learning where members with such intention are encouraged to look past their unsuccessful attempt, motivated to learn and engage while working alongside RezLife staff, and given opportunities & resources to fill the gaps in their skill sets.

Collaboration – to continue inspire collaboration with RezLife Staff, amongst Councils with residents’ best interest in mind.

Coordination between different teams may seem intimidating at first, yet the benefits of collaborative efforts, such as high impact with respect to lowered cost, increased manpower and a larger targeted audience makes the process so worthwhile. I hope to guide each council to recognize and address the common goals that they share with RezLife Staff despite their different responsibilities within SHHS, as well as to mentor those who wish to launch collaborative initiatives between councils based on my expertise in organizing such events in the past.

Awareness – to make the RHA more visible in residences and on campus, build relationships with other campus organization, such as AMS, UBC Rec, Bird Cage, UBC Sustainability.

Within RHA, I would like to work with VPOL to continue reaching out to constituents of the RHA at every level. Through recognition, education of the RHA, I hope to communicate RHA’s focus on advocacy & leadership development at the campus level as well as programming & advocacy at the area level as a means to instigate continuity for the organization and growth for individuals.

Within the larger campus, I wish to help RHA establish working relationships with other well-known student-run campus groups in order to make RHA a more recognized, and therefore more impactful organization that residents are willing to approach.

Advocacy – To continue with recent advocacy projects in addition to providing a platform for student issues and representing UBC RHA fairly.

As the Rent with Rights Campaign may have only come to a temporary stop, I could reflect on my own learning on the topic to educate and efficiently prepare the incoming executive cabinet for actions for when there is a need. More broadly speaking, continuity is generally an asset. For example, my experiences with Conference will enable me to represent UBC fairly in unfamiliar situations such as boardrooms.